Welcome to ‘A Foot in the Door’!

Hi all, and welcome to ‘A Foot in the Door’! This is a blog about working within museums, and some of the different ways that you can find yourself a place in this sector. This is a world of work that is fascinating and frustrating simultaneously…there are amazing jobs out there, but it is ridiculously difficult to even get an interview, let alone a job offer!

This time last year (January 2017) I was struggling to find any job, in any museum, anywhere. There are so many hoops you have to jump through before you can find a good job that pays a (relatively) decent salary. I  realized at around this time that I was painfully inexperienced, which made interviews particularly grueling. I had known when I finished my degree that it would be difficult, and I knew that a lot of my friends had similar problems, but I still felt pretty helpless and unsure about how I could get the skills I needed to even be considered. I wasn’t even sure of what type of work I would enjoy doing in this sector.

Thankfully, I now have a job that I really enjoy (counting my lucky stars over here!), but I know there are still plenty of people who are unsure of what direction to take. And so I am planning to use this blog to share my experiences of how I’ve got to this point, and maybe at some point in the future I can persuade some of my friends and colleagues to share their stories! Hopefully, this will offer some insight into the different parts of the museum, and the many, many paths you can take to get a foot in the door!


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