My Foot in the Door: One Year of Working in the Museum Sector

In March last year, I started my first paid museum job at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. I was thrilled, excited, relieved and petrified all at once. Finally, my spell of unemployment was over and I could really get going and develop the skills I needed to move forward in the sector. As with any new job, however, I was incredibly nervous. One year on, and more than three months into another new job, this time at the Science Museum in London, and so much has changed. I am in a new museum, working with a new collection, I have a years worth of experience under my belt, and understand so much more about how museum’s actually work. Those nerves have not completely gone away, but I am now in a much better position than I was at the beginning of 2017.

This seems like a great time to tell you about my first two jobs in the museum world. Both of them are (or were) temporary and project-based, which is really common in this sector, and so can reveal quite a lot about the kinds of positions that are out there. So, to learn more about my first job as a Project Assistant, preparing to move it’s reserve collection to a new home, click on the image entitled ‘Project Assistant’. To read about my current job as an Assistant Curator, supporting the development of five new galleries, select the image entitled ‘Assistant Curator’.

Project Assistant

Assistant Curator



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